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Conveyor Belt Kit - production line for Dobot Magician - 600mm
The conveyor for robot from series Dobot Magician is a simulation of the production line. Has an adjustable speed. Maximum load is 500 g and the effective ..
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Slider Rail Kit for Dobot Magician - 1m
The slider is designed for robot series Dobot MAG , with a length of 1 meter. Allows you to extend the reach of the shoulder. Ensures execution of projects..
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Robot Arm Dobot Magician - Basic Plan
Extremely easy to use, ready to use just after taking it out of the box, the robot arm with load capacity up to 0.5 kg. The device can be co..
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MeArm Robot arm kit for micro:bit Kit
The MeArm microbit orange version is an easy-to-build robot arm kit that's designed to get children (and adults!) learning about technology, engineering and p..
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Hydraulic robot arm Velleman KSR12
Ideal for explaining the principals of hydraulics, this robotic arm is completely powered by water! This kit makes for a great example of one of the many appli..
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Dobot Magician Robot Arm - Educational Version
The Dobot Magician is a multifunctional desktop robotic arm perfect for the classroom, workshop or even factory environments. Installed with different ..
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Dobot Magician - Robot Vision Kit
Set hardware platform for development of visualization system of robots, along with Dobot Magician allows you to integrate your surveillance system with th..
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Dobot M1 robot ARM
Extremely easy to use manipulator with a payload up to 1.5 kg. the Device can be monitored, in particular, with USB or wirelessly via Bluetooth, for example, wi..
3-5 business days
USB Interface For KSR10 Robotic Arm
• Instantly provides USB connectivity to the Robotic ARM • Ages 13 and up Owi USB Interface For Robotic Arm Edge, a Dr. Toy 2008 Best pick, gets a much-antic..
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Robotic Arm with Claw
This kit includes only mechanical parts.   Instructions of how to assemble this robotic arm you can find here: Link..
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Robotic Arm uArm 1kg  - SparkFun
The uArm Metal is an Arduino-powered, 4-axis robot arm that has been modeled after industrial pallet packing and car building robots which can be set up and use..
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Robotic Arm - KSR10
hard-wired control unit optional (not incl.): USB interface kit KSR10/USB recommended age: 14+ Specifications max. lift capacity: 100 g power supply: 4 x LR2..
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Braccio TinkerKit Robotic Arm with Arduino Shield
It is recommended to power the board via the jack connection with a regulated 5 VDC @ 5000 mA power supply provided in the box.There is an on-board voltage regu..
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Robotic Claw
This robotic claw arm is great for all your gripping needs. They are made from metal and are pretty heavy-duty. The claw opens to about 2" and depending on the ..
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uArm Vision Camera Kit for uArm Swift Pro
Vision Camera Kit based on the camera OpenMV and main board Arduino. Thanks to a focal length of 2.8 mm and a FOV o..
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uArm Swift Pro Metal Gripper
Metal gripper uArm is made of high quality aluminum. It has sensor feedback for an open and captured position. The end e..
3-5 business days
Standard Servo Gripper - Actobotics Standard Gripper Kit A
This is the Standard Gripper Kit A, a simple and durable robotics kit that is great for "getting a grip" on pretty much any robotics project! Designed for use w..
3-5 business days
Standard Gripper Kit B - Straight Mount
This is the Standard Gripper Kit B, a simple and durable robotics kit that is great for "getting a grip" on pretty much any robotics project! Designed for use w..
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Robotic arm uArm Swift Pro 500g with vacuum gripper
Ready to use 4-axis robotic arm based on the Arduino Mega. It geatures high quality stepper motors allowing you to obtain high precision and repeatabi..
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Pololu Micro Gripper Kit - gripper with micro servo
This small gripper uses a rack and pinion design with a servo-driven pinion and opposing racks to keep the gripper paddles synchronized and parallel to each oth..
3-5 business days
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