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Mathematical Programming Cards for Qobo Robobloq robot
Mathematics cards are programming cards combined with the Qobo Roboloq robot. They were created in the form of a game, and the presented, varied scenarios are i..
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Robobloq Qobo - educational robot to learn to code in English
Robobloq Qobo is a small robot that can get children excited about programming without using the display. Designed for children from 3 years robot that will sho..
4-6 business days
Robobloq Q-Scout - educational robot
Robot Q-Scout is a perfect toy for children from 8 years, which will allow them to explore the world of robotics, electronics and programming, based on modern t..
4-6 business days
Robobloq Qoopers - educational robot 6in1
Robot Qoopers will introduce children to the world of robotics and programming based on modern teaching methods STEAM. Designed for children from 8 years. The k..
4-6 business days
Robobloq Coding Express - educational robot to learn to code
Coding Express is an educational train that teaches programming. Coding is done here with the help of colorful stickers. Designed for children over 3 years old...
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Q-Scout 3in1 Add on Pack - Myriapod Legion - 116 pcs
A set that extends the capabilities of the Q-Scout Robobloq educational robot. Allows you to design a new look for the Q-Scout Robot. The 3-in-1 package allows ..
Temporarily Out Of Stock
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