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Waveshare Resistive Touch Screen for Raspberry Pi Microcomputer HDMI + GPIO - LCD IPS 4 "(A)
Waveshare touch display, resistive 4" for the Raspberry Pi with a resolution of 320 x 480 pixels with IPS matrix. Works with Raspberry Pi, version 3, 2, B+, Zer..
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Waveshare Capacitive touch Display for Raspberry Pi - LCD IPS 10.1
Specification Type: Touchscreen Size: 10.1' Resolution: 1280 x 800 px Works with: Raspberry Pi 3/2/+/Zero (works directly with no additional drivers..
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Waveshare Resistive touch Display for Raspberry Pi - LCD TFT 5
Resistive touch control 5" display for the Raspberry Pi with a resolution of 800 x 480 px. Works with Rasbperry Pi in version 3B+, 3B, 2B an..
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iTouchSystem Raio 15 capacitive LCD TFT 15.6'' 1920x1080px display in a steel case for Raspberry Pi 4B
Touch LCD display from iTouchSystem dedicated to the Raspberry Pi 4B minicomputer. The diagonal of the screen is 15.6" and its resolution is 1920x1080px. It has..
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Pico Inky Pack - e-ink e-paper display 2.9'' 296x128px - for Raspberry Pi Pico/Pico W - PiMoroni PIM634
The Pico Inky Pack has been equipped with an e-paper screen, which is also found in e-book readers. This type of display is eagerly chosen by users because they..
4-6 business days
HyperPixel 2.1 Round - Hi-Res Display for Raspberry Pi
Clear 2.1'' capacitive IPS touchscreen with a resolution equal to 480x480px. It works with Raspberry Pi and supports Raspberry Pi OS and Python. The viewing ang..
4-6 business days
Display HAT Mini - HAT with IPS LCD 2'' 320x240px for Raspberry Pi - PiMoroni PIM589
The display HAT Mini from Pimoroni is a display overlay designed for any 40-pin version of the Raspberry Pi. The bright, 18-bit, 2" IPS display with a resolutio..
4-6 business days
LCD 1.3'' 240x240px HAT for Raspberry Pi - SB Components SKU21864
The overlay has a 1.3" display with a resolution of 240x240px. The LCD screen is capable of displaying a clear, colorful image in a 65k RGB color palette. There..
4-6 business days
E-paper E-Ink 2.9'' 296x128px flexible display overlay for Raspberry Pi Pico - black/white - Waveshare 20125
Overlay for the Raspberry Pi Pico with a 2.9'' flexible e-paper display with 296x128px resolution. It communicates via an SPI interface. Compared to normal e-pa..
4-6 business days
2.13” Flexible E-Paper E-Ink Display Module for Raspberry Pi Pico, 212x104px, Black/White, SPI
Overlay for Raspberry Pi Pico with 2.13'' flexible e-paper display with 212x104px resolution. It communicates via the SPI interface. Supports partial refresh. C..
4-6 business days
Resistive touch screen LCD IPS Display 3.5'' 480x320px + audio - SPI - 65K RGB - for Raspberry Pi Pico - Waveshare 20159
Overlay for Raspberry Pi Pico with display manufactured by Waveshare. It features a 3.5" IPS resistive touchscreen display with 480x320px resolution. The screen..
4-6 business days
E-paper E-Ink display - 3.7'' 480x280px - SPI - black and white - for Raspberry Pi Pico - Waveshare 20123
A compact display made with e-paper technology - an extension for Raspberry Pi Pico produced by Waveshare. The screen diagonal is 3.7'', the resolution is 480x2..
4-6 business days
Capacitive Touch Display E-paper E-Ink, 2.9'' 296x128px, SPI/I2C, black and white, for Raspberry Pi, Waveshare 19967
Touchscreen display made by Waveshare in e-paper technology with diagonal of 2,9'' and resolution of 296x128px. The screen works with any 40-pin version of Rasp..
4-6 business days
Resistive touch LCD IPS Display 2.8'' 320x240px, SPI, 65K RGB, for Raspberry Pi Pico, Waveshare 19804
IPS touch display module designed to work with Raspberry Pi Pico board. The screen is based on an ST7789 chip with an XPT2046 resistive touch controller. The mo..
4-6 business days
TFT LCD Display 1.44'' 128x128px, SPI, 65K RGB, for Raspberry Pi Pico, Waveshare 19576
TFT display designed to work with Raspberry Pi Pico board, its diagonal is 1.44" and resolution is 128x128px. The module is based on the ST7735S chip and commun..
4-6 business days
16x2 RGB LCD display I2C KeyPad for Raspberry Pi 3B+/4B, DFRobot DFR0514
An overlay produced by DFRobot for Raspberry Pi 3B+ and 4B in the form of an LCD display. The screen displays characters in a two-line layout 16x2. It presents ..
4-6 business days
E-paper touch display, 2.13'' 250x122px, black and white, hat for Raspberry Pi, Waveshare 19493
HAT overlay for Raspberry Pi in the form of a touch-capacitive e-paper display. This type of display uses electrophoretic microcapsule technology to present ima..
4-6 business days
E-paper E-Ink 7.5'' 800x480px, display with HAT pad for Raspberry Pi, Waveshare 13504
The e-paper display with a diagonal of 7,5" in E-Ink technology with a resolution of 800x480px. Works with a voltage of 3.3 V or 5 V. It is designed for use wit..
4-6 business days
The case for Raspberry Pi LCD screen TFT 5" GPIO, black and white, Waveshare 11188
The two-colored case for minicomputer Raspberry Pi and an LCD TFT 5" GPIO touch screen. In the kit, there are elements that allow you to set the screen at an an..
4-6 business days
DFRobot E-paper E-Ink v2.0 2.13'' 250x122px, HAT for Raspberry Pi, SPI, DFRobot DFR0591
A module in the form of an overlay for the Raspberry Pi 4B / 3B+ / Zero W minicomputer with a 2.13" two-color E-paper display with a resolution of 250x122px. It..
4-6 business days
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