DFRobot LED RGB Driver Shield for Arduino

Brand: Dfrobot
Product Code: DFR-04276
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The DFRobot LED RGB driver is a shield developed by DFRobot for controlling LED strips with the Arduino. Just place the shield on the Arduino microcontroller and connect the LED strip it, no soldering required. The shield can control an RBG LED strip of about 10m in length, has an IR sensor installed and protection against short-circuiting or overcurrent.

Note: It is recommended to use a 72W 12V DC power supply and connect it to the shield instead of the microcontroller.

Technical specs:
●    Up to 3A current, 12V voltage can be supplied for each RBG LED strip channel
●    Fuse protection against short circuits or overcurrent is installed
●    Built-in IR sensor
●    The shield allows you to control about a 10m long RBG LED strip
●    Suitable for: Arduino UNO, Mega, Romeo and other similar microcontrollers
●    The LED strip is controlled by a PWM signal
External links and applications:
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