Grove, Starter Kit IoT for Genuino101

Brand: Seeedstudio
Product Code: SEE-08308
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Starter set introducing the world of IoT (Internet of Things) for Arduino and Genuino 101 boards. The set includes sensors of light, touch, temperature, servo, display, and many others. Connecting of the modules is facilitated by the special BaseShield together with the wires.

Set includes:
  • Button
  • Sound sensor v1.2
  • Touch sensor
  • Light sensor v1.2
  • Temperature sensor v1.1
  • Rotary angle sensor (P)
  • Piezo vibration sensor
  • LCD RGB backlight
  • Buzzer
  • LED v1.3
  • Gear stepper motor with driver
  • Base shield v2
  • Universal 4 pin cable x10
  • Red LEDs
  • Green LEDs
  • Blue LEDs