Pro mini 3.3V/8M

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Arduino Pro Mini microcontroller using 3.3V logic signal voltage. This microcontroller is a scaled-down version of the popular Arduino Uno for advanced users who care about size and connection strength. The solder pads are left blank, so you can solder the desired wires or connectors firmly to the module. The size of the module is much smaller than Uno, and in other features it is similar to its big relative, even using the same ATmega328 microprocessor.

Technical data:
● Microprocessor: ATmega328
● Supply voltage: 3.3 - 9V DC
● Logic signal voltage: 3.3V DC
● Operating frequency: 8 MHz
● Number of analog signal connections: 8 (input only)
● Number of digital signal connections: 20 (6 of them PWM)
● Dimensions: 18 x 33mm
● Weight: <2 g

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