UNO Basic Starter Kit

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This kit is designed to introduce the principles of electronics and programming. Thanks to the components in this set, you can create 5 projects from the book "Smart Chains with Arduino". You can download this book for free in PDF format.

Kit includes:

1x UNO R3 microcontroller compatible

20x F-F breadboard cables

1x USB cables

1x Midi Breadboard

5x 3 color LED diodes (random)

10x Resistor 220ohm

10x Resistor 1K

10x Resistor 10K

10x Resistor 100K

2x Photoresistor 5516

6x Buttons (with random color caps)

1x 9V battery connector

1x 40 pin contact strip


Drivers (Win7/Win8.1/Win10): Download