Waveshare Motor Control Shield 9V/0.6A for Arduino

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The module allows you to control four DC motors or two stepper motors using Arduino kits. The system allows you to adjust the direction and speed of rotation of the motors with a current consumption of 600 mA.


  • Supply voltage: 5 V to 9 V
  • Driver L293D
  • The number of supported engines: 4
  • Maximum current per channel: 600 mA


When you set the jumper in the 5V position, you can simultaneously power 4 DC motors with a voltage of 5 V. And when setting, the ADJ can supply two motors with voltages ranging from 1.25 V to 6.45 V at the same time (in this case, required is an external power supply of 9 V).


On the board are:

  1. External power input: 5 V to 9 V
  2. Power pins of the input and output
  3. Interface of the stepper motors
  4. Interface of DC motors
  5. Setting M_PWR: connection with 5 V or ADJ
  6. The switch that selects the power source
  7. The LED indicating the power
  8. Linear regulator AMS1117-ADJ with adjustable output
  9. The potentiometer for regulating the power of engines
  10. Bridge L293D
  11. Built-in linear regulator LM2596-5.0 with output of 5 V