16 Channel PWM Servo Driver

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16-channel PWM servo motor controller for Arduino Uno. The PWM (Pulse width modulation) signal makes it particularly easy to control the angle of rotation of the motors, but Arduino microcontrollers usually have only 5 PWM connectors, making it difficult to connect more motors. This module helps to solve this. It can control up to 16 Servo motors with a PWM signal, the signal itself is received from the microcontroller by the I2C interface, only 2 signal connections are needed. The changeable I2C address allows the use of up to 62 such modules, thus controlling up to 992 motors with one microcontroller. The manufacturer has installed a PWM module and an oscillator (Clock) for this, and it is enough to send the signal only once, it is not necessary to repeat it every cycle.

Technical data:
● The PWM signal of the motors is generated by the controller itself, the control signal is sent to it via the I2C interface, choosing between 62 addresses. In this way, up to 992 motors can be controlled with one microcontroller.
● Controlled by I2C interface, only 2 signal connections
● Variable PWM signal frequency up to 1.5 kHz
● Enable pin
● 12-bit resolution, about 4us for each PWM pulse
● M-type connectors for motors
● Servo motor voltage: 3.3 - 12V DC
● Logic signal voltage: 3.3 - 5V DC
● The motors are controlled by a built-in PCA9685 module.
Links and customization:
● Module usage and Arduino code
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