3-in-1 hot wire foam cutter

Brand: eXtreme
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* A perfect tool set for contouring foam for prototypes, decorative molding, hobby craft profect and DIY foam packaging, etc.
* The tips temperature tailored specially for polystyrene foam cutting.
* The combo hand held saw cuts foam with fast, clean cutting.
* It can slice foam quickly and cleanly in any direction like magic.
* 3 changeable tips for your selection: Hot wire tip, Cutting tip, Engraver tip.
* It has a stand for the safe operation, and a power adaptor for wattage tranform.

1. Draw the shape or model on the foam. You can also use the template.
2. Choose the tip you need, and install it on the handle.
3. Plug the power adapter into the socket, and switch the powe button to the position "ON"
4. Please first practice in the useless foam block.
5. During breaks, please put tge tool on its stand.
6. When you replace the tip, please ensure the power adapter is unplugged from socket.
7. After use, switch the power button to the position "OFF" , and disconnect the plug from the socket, and wait till the cools down naturally.