Blebox - proxiDimmer

Brand: BleBox
Product Code: AN-06973
EAN: 4779044517831
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Planned delivery date after ordering: 2021-10-25
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proxiDimmer is an extraordinary LED dimmer/switch, that allows you to turn on/off and control the brightness of the light using touch or hand moves.

Makes life easier

gestures are the most natural way to communicate, thanks the object detection technology no need to press any switch. It?s only necessary to close the hand near to the surface where the device is located and the light will turn on.

Low energy consumption


often we need to turn on the light for a few seconds. Thanks to the proximity detection technology, proxyDimmer turn the lights on for 20 seconds and then shut down without the need to remember to turn it off.



for those who need quick access to the lighting, can be installed in key locations for his safety.



ProxyDimmer is a device that can be mounted on every space of the house or office, which allows to control the lighting in a very easy way.