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Arduino CNC shield for 3D printers and other complex CNC machines. This is the latest version 3.5 of the Arduino CNC shield, with all the necessary connectors to conveniently connect CNC components, including:
  • Headers for 4 A4988 stepper motor control modules (A4988 driver) with special circuits to protect them from current surges. You will be able to connect X, Y, Z axis and extruder axis motors to them.
  • Lots of connectors arranged around the entire shield allow 1 cable connection to 5V, GND and signal pins.
  • All Arduino pins are accessible on the outside of the appendix
Technical specs and features:
  • Screw connections ensure reliable contact
  • Easy to desolder and clearly marked components
  • Operating voltage: 12-36V DC
  • Compact design
  • Jumpers to set micro-stepping resolution
  • The latest version 3.5 of the Arduino CNC Appendix
Links and applications:
  • 3D printers
  • Sophisticated CNC machines
  • Compatible with GRBL 0.9 (Arduino UNO open source software that converts G-code commands into step )