Cytron Maker Mini Sumo controller

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Maker Mini Sumo is an analogue of Arduino NANO specially developed for educational sumo robot projects. The microcontroller was developed in collaboration with global sumo robot champions Team Ikedo Kogeki, making it suitable for both novice and experienced users. The design solutions are truly exceptional: the sensor connections are designed so that no soldering is required, they are connected with plastic clamps, the motor wires are securely bolted, a shock-resistant on / off button is installed to prevent the robot from shutting down in a competition, and many other solutions. Other important features are: LED bulbs and built-in buttons allow quick and easy testing of motors and code, battery voltage can be measured with a microcontroller.
The robot can be controlled by an RC radio wave console by connecting an RC module via a special connector, the manufacturer provides libraries for the RC control code.
The microcontroller is equipped with reverse polarity protection.

Technical data:
● Microprocessor: Atmega328P
● Operating frequency: 16 MHz
● Motor voltage: 7-18V DC
● Motor current: up to 6A for each of the 2 channels
● Buttons for quick engine testing without a code
● Supply voltage: 5V DC (via micro USB or ICSP)
● Number of analog signal connections: 6 (input only)
● Number of digital signal connections: 20 (6 of them PWM)
● Dimensions: 36 x 92 mm

Links and customization:
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