FM Radio Module TEA5767 (76-108MHz)

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The TEA5767 is a FM Radio module, built using high-quality Phillips components and with many additional features installed. As a result, the device is suitable for both simple and advanced projects, as it can automatically detect radio channels (Automatic digital tuning), has a low noise amplifier, Noise cancelation and other useful features.

Technical specs. and features:
●    High quality Phillips components are used
●    Can automatically find radio channels (Automatic digital tuning)
●    Has a low-noise RF input amplifier
●    Package includes an FM antenna
●    Stereo noise cancellation (SNC)
●    Radio frequency: 76-108MHZ
●    Soft mute
●    Supply voltage: 5V
●    Reverse supply voltage protection is installed
●    Antenna socket
●    I2C interface
●    Philips TEA5767 module
●    3.5mm audio jack
●    Philips TDA1308 amplifier
●    Dimensions: 31x30 mm
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