I2C LCD controller

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Extremely small and compact I2C interface LCD display control module, which allows you to control the SPI interface screen with only 2 signal wires. Typically, LCD screens are controlled by an SPI interface that requires many connections. This can interfere with larger projects, so this module helps easily solve this problem by controlling the display only with the I2C interface. The jumper and potentiometer on the module help to control the backlight and image contrast. No soldering is required to use the module.
  • Controlled by I2C interface
  • Can control SPI LCD display modules
  • Operating voltage: 5V
  • The image contrast is controlled by a potentiometer
  • Controlled backlight
  • Control module: PCF8574
  • Up to 8 I2C addresses are exchanged via soldered connectors
  • Size: 42x19 mm
  • Allows you to easily and compactly connect an LCD screen to your project to help control menus or other functions.