L293D Motor Driven Expansion Board for NodeMcu

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L293D NodeMcu ESP12 microcontroller shield for controlling electric motors. In addition to the modules for controlling stepper and direct current (DC motor) motors, the manufacturer has also taken care of other necessary features: screw connections forstrong and reliable connection of high-power wires, M-type connectors for quick prototyping and a power-off switch. The motors are controlled by 2 built-in L293D modules.

Note: when inserting ESP-12E module, please note the direction consistent with an expansion board antenna;

Features and technical specs.:
  • Can be connected to: 2 DC and 1 step motors, supplying up to 1.2A electricity for each phase
  • Screw and M type connectors for motors
  • DC motor voltage: 4.5-36 V DC
  • Logic signal voltage: 2.3V≤VIH≤VIN; Low: -0.3V≤VIL≤1.5V
  • Operating temp: -25 ℃ ~ + 125 ℃
  • The motors are controlled by built-in L293D H-bridge type modules
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