Laser Scanner RPLidar A3M1 - 360 degree - 25m

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RPLidar A3M1 represents a new generation of laser scanners, 2D 360° company Slamtec. It can scan up to 16000 samples over a few seconds, in the range up to 25 meters. A typical scanning frequency is 15 Hz , adjustable from 10 Hz to 20 Hz. The scanner can work both inside and outside. Is available for communication serial interface UART. The sampling frequency determines the speed and accuracy of creating the map. RPLidar A3M1 has been improved on the internal optical design and system algorithms to increase the frequency to 16000 times per second. Algorithm update the range of the RPLidar A3M1 scanner allows you to scan objects up to 25 m, thus can accumulate more information on the features of the environment. RPLidar A3M1 supports two modes: superior and external. In enhanced mode the laser operates at maximum radius and maximum sampling frequency, for the best display performance in the internal environment. The external mode, RPLidar is working with greater resistance to interference of daylight. Maintains stable performance when detecting white and black objects. RPLidar A3M1 is driven by a brushless motorto reduce the mechanical friction during operation. Thanks to this application, the scanner does not create noise during operation.

Technical data:

  • Detection range The white hotel: 25m Black object: 10m
  • Sampling frequency 16000 times a second
  • Angular resolution  0,3375°
  • Scanning frequency    Typical value: 15 Hz (adjustable from 10 Hz to 20 Hz)
  • Communication interface TTL UART
  • Connection speed 256000 bps
  • Food Working voltage: 5V   Control voltage: 3.3V
  • Compatibility Supports previous protocols SDK
  • Dimensions 76 x 72.5 x 41 mm
  • Weight  190 g

  • Scanner RPLidar A3M1
  • USB - DC cable
  • Cable USB - microUSB
  • Controller