LiPo SHIM - Little LiPo/LiIon power supply for Raspberry Pi

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LiPo SHIM is a lithium battery power supply shield for the Raspberry Pi. The manufacturer designed this to make it as compact and reliable as possible, with lots of features:
  • Can be either soldered directly to the microcontroller or connected to the JST connector that is soldered to the microcontroller
  • Uses the Texas Instruments TPS61232 module, which achieves up to 96% energy efficiency, making the shield particularly efficient.
  • Low battery warning installed
  • Automatic shutdown when voltage reaches 3V
  • Rubber pads separate the shield from the microcontroller
  • Suitable for Raspberry Pi 3, 2, B +, A +, Zero, and Zero W
Technical specs and features:
  • Only 0.8mm thick PCB
  • Can supply up to 1.5A current
Applications and external links:
  • Battery-powered robots