LJ8A3-2-Z/AX-5V cylinder inductive proximity sensor switch

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Inductive distance measuring module LJ8A3-2-Z / AX-5V. When the sensor approaches a metal object, it sends a control signal and lights up the red LED.

Technical data:
● Fastening connection size: M8x50 fastening nut
● Electrical connection protection: unshielded
● Detection distance: up to 2mm
● Measured distance: 0-1.6 mm
● Supply voltage: 5V DC
● Supply current: DC 300mA max
● Detectable material: steel and other metals
● Sensitizing substances: magnetized metals
● Frequency: 500Hz
● Indication
● Short circuit protection: Not available
● Reverse connection protection: Yes
● IP rating: IP65
● Operating temperature: -25 to 70 ° C
● Cable length: 1.2m, PVC cable

● Contactless switch