MACH3 Stepper Motor Driver for CNC - 5 axis

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5-axis stepper motor controller for CNC machines, fully supporting MACH3 software. MACH3 is an open source software that allows you to professionally operate CNC machines such as milling or turning machines.
This controller helps to easily and reliably combine the required systems into one CNC machine:
  • USB and LPT parallel connection for connection to a computer
  • 5 separate connections for each axle motors
  • Spindle connection
  • Connections for other sensors and signals.
Technical specs and features:
  • Pins are numbered on the module board, so you do not have to remember the number of each socket when writing the control program.
  • Screw connections ensure the reliability of the contact.
  • M-type cable connectors make it easy to connect the desired motors for quick testing
  • The USB power outlet is separated from the motor power circuit to protect the computer from power surges.
  • Motor supply 12-24 V DC, reverse protection function
  • Reads 0-10 V DC analog signal for spindle speed control
  • PWM signal output for spindle speed measurement
  • Board size: 90x70x18
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