Nodemcu WiFi ESP8266 controller with OLED 0.96" display

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Nodemcu WiFi ESP8266 microcontroller with OLED 0.96" screen and ESP8266 WiFi module. Designed to easily make projects portable, because of its reduced size and with an built-in OLED screen.
The microcontroller can be configured via the Arduino IDE and nodemcu control interfaces. Almost all microcontroller pinssupport interrupt, PWM, I2C and one-wire functions. It also differs from the UNO in its much larger memory (up to 4 Mb) and operating frequency (up to 160 MHz).

Features and technical specs.:
  • Has a 24.4 mm OLED display installed.
  • Small in size, specially designed for portable projects.
  • Microprocessor: ESP8266-12F
  • WiFi module: ESP8266-12F
  • Dimensions: 64.3 x 29.1mm
  • Supply voltage: 5V DC (via microUSB)
  • Signal voltage: 3.3V DC
  • Processor frequency: 80-160MHz
  • Number of analog signal pins: 1 (input only) (max. 3.2V)
  • Number of digital signal pins: 11 (excluding D0)
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