Photosensitive relay module XH-M131

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The light sensor module with relay allows intelligent control of home or other electrical appliances, e.g. gates, blinds, etc. The light sensor supplies an analog voltage to the module, which is compared to the voltage set by the potentiometer, above this, the relay is switched on, and when the voltage is lower, it is switched off.

The module uses high-quality electrical components, so it can control high-current and high-voltage electrical network devices.

Technical data and features: 

  • Potentiometer controlled relay trigger threshold
  • 1 channel relay module
  • Relay controlled current: up to 250V 10A AC, or 30V 10A DC
  • Normally open and normally closed lines (NC normally closed, NO normally open)
  • The control board is specially insulated from the noise caused by the alternating current flowing through the relays.
  • Screw connections ensure strong contact