Power Supply Korad KA3005P 0-30V 5A USB

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The KA3005P is a stabilized laboratory power supply with programmable memory with a smooth voltage regulation of 0 to 30 V and a current of 0 to 5 A. It can be controlled using computers via USB or RS232 cable.

Main functions of the power unit:

The unit can operate in the following modes:
C.V. - constant output voltage
C.C. - constant current currents
Short-circuit and overload protection;
The power supply has 5 memory profiles that keep current, voltage and operating mode information;
Device accuracy: up to 3 decimal places;
There are two types of security:
OVP (Surge Protector)
OCP (Overload Protection)

Continuously regulated voltage across the range
Slowly adjustable intensity over the entire range
Switching on and off the power supply - 4 buttons
Software management via USB or RS232 port
Key Lock


Voltage ranges: 0 - 30V;
Current ranges: 0 - 5A;

Parameter setting
Voltage: = <0.01% +2 mV
Current: = <0.1% +1 0mA

Parameter setting accuracy:
Voltage: 10 mV
Current: 1 mA

Setting accuracy
Voltage 0.5% +20 mV
0.5% + 10 mA

Operating voltage
Voltage: + 2 mVrms
Current: + 3 mArms

Reaction time
Voltage increase: = <100 ms (nominal load 10%)
Voltage drop: = <100 ms (nominal load 10%)

Kit includes:
Laboratory Power Supply KA-3005P Korad
USB cable
Power cord
Users manual