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Screwdriver set - 32 tips
Universal set of interchangeable magnetic bits with screwdriver and tweezers. The set contains 30 different magnetic bits with a length of 28 mm enclosed in an ..
3-5 business days
Insulated screwdriver set VDE Yato YT-2827 - 5 pcs
A set of 5 screwdrivers, the core of which is made of S2 steel with a hardness of HRC 56 - 60. The screwdriver handle is coated with an anti-slip VDE insulation..
3-5 business days
Magnetizer / demagnetizer
Device for magnetizing and degassing screwdriver bits or tweezers. The dimensions of the device are 50 x 37 x 28...
3-5 business days
Hex keys - 1.5-10mm - 10 pcs
A set of Allen wrenches is useful in every roboticist's workshop. The set includes tools with sizes:1,5 mm2.0 mm2.5 mm3.0 mm3.5 mm4.0 mm5.0 mm6.0 mm8.0 mm10.0 m..
3-5 business days
Set of 10 bits VDE insulated screwdriver Yato YT-28290
The set consists of a screwdriver with a handle insulated with VDE coating and tips made of S2 steel with a hardness of HRC 56 - 60. The set also includes an e..
3-5 business days
Hex key set 2-10mm Vorel 56477 - 9 pcs
A set of Allen wrenches, useful in every robotics workshop. Includes a set of 9 Allen wrenches in sizes from 2 mm to 10 mm.Main features:The set includes tools ..
3-5 business days
Set of 1.5-10mm Allen wrenches - 9pcs
The set includes a set of 9 Allen keys with sizes from 1.5 mm to 10 mm.The set includes tools with sizes: 1.5 x 45 mm 2 x 50 mm 2,5 x 55 mm 3 x 60 mm 4 x 65 mm..
3-5 business days
Set of mixed screwdrivers Toolland - 8 pcs
Set of screwdrivers - 4 with flat ends and 4 with Phillips bits.Set includes:Phillips:PH2 x 38 mmPH1 x 75 mmPH2 x 100 mmPH3 x 150 mmFlat:6 x 38 mm5 x 75 mm6 x 1..
3-5 business days
Set of 6 screwdrivers with flat ends
Set of 6 large screwdrivers with flat ends.Set contents:Set includes flat head screwdrivers with dimensions (length given without handle): 4 mm x 50mm 2,5 mm x ..
6-10 business days
Telescopic Magnetic Gripper - 61cm
Telescopic magnetic gripper with an adjustable length from 15 cm to 61,5 cm. It improves the extraction of small metal parts from hard-to-reach places.Specifica..
3-5 business days
Sthor 58688 tool kit - 173 parts XXL
High quality tool set made of stainless chrome-vanadium steel (CrV) is designed for demanding DIY. Through the use of special systems AS-DRIVE, allows you to wo..
3-5 business days
Tool set Yato YT-14471 - 38 elements
Professional set of tools, consisting of 38 items. m : ratchet 1/4" screwdriver 1/4", universal joint, bits, extension cords, bits, etc. of the Nozzle and the a..
3-5 business days
Sthor 58687 tool kit - 94 parts
High quality tool set made of carbon steel designed for the discerning DIY. Through the use of special systems AS-DRIVE, allows you to work requiring a very hig..
3-5 business days
Electric Screwdriver Set Hoto QWLSD010 - 25-in-1
The electric precision screwdriver has a maximum speed of about 170 rpm and the powerful battery pack allows you to drive up to 500 screws on a single charge. I..
4-6 business days
Cordless Screwdriver HOTO QWLSD008, 5Nm, 3.6V - blue
Torque of 5 Nm, powerful motor with a speed of 200 rpm and long working time are the main advantages of the Hoto QWLSD008 screwdriver. The device is easy to use..
4-6 business days
Screwdriver-Lite HOTO QWLSD007 - blue
Equip yourself with this HOTO universal electric screwdriver, which will make your work at home or in the workshop easier. Weighing only 185 g, it fits perfectl..
4-6 business days
Screwdriver Bit Set HOTO QWLSD002 - 10 pcs
The set includes 10 popular bit models and each bit is made of high-quality S2 steel and measures 25 mm in length. The included silicone stand makes it easy to ..
4-6 business days
Precision Screwdriver HOTO QWLSD004 24-in-1 - black
This handy screwdriver is perfect for small repairs or DIY. Made of high-quality aluminum alloy it is very durable and provides high comfort of use even during ..
4-6 business days
Precision Screwdriver set INGCO HKSDB0348, 32 pcs
Precision screwdriver set INGCO HKSDB0348 contains 30 different bits, an ergonomic handle and a practical 4 x 60mm bit holder. The tools are made of durable, we..
4-6 business days
Hex Key and torx key set INGCO HHKSET0181, 1.5-10mm, T10-T50
The INGCO set includes 9 Allen wrenches 1.5 - 10 mm and 9 Torx wrenches T10 - T50. Being made of chrome-plated CrV steel ensures their durability, and a special..
4-6 business days
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