SIM808 GSM/GPRS/GPS module

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SIM808 GSM / GPRS / GPS communication module for GSM, GPRS, GNSS, BlueTooth and GPS communication. Also has a built-in lithium battery charging module, these features make it ideal for advanced projects such as the IoT Internet of Things, security systems and real-time machine tracking. It can make and receive calls, write and receive SMS messages, use GPRS mobile internet connection, Bluetooth, use Global Positioning Systems (GPS), and otherwise provide regular phone capabilities to projects.
The red and green LEDs on the module allow you to visually check its condition.

Technical specs. and features:
●    Lithium battery charging and power supply module supporting 3.5-4.2V voltage is installed
●    Red and green LEDs allow you to visually check module’s status
●    Supply voltage: 5-26V DC (at least 9V 2A power supply recommended)
●    Average operating current: 10-80mA
●    Microphone jack is installed
●    An antenna and cable are included in the kit
●    Logic signal voltage: 2.85-5V DC
●    USB connection
●    Controlled by AT commands
●    Connections: SMS, calls, GPRS internet
●    Positioning systems: GPS
●    Bluetooth 3.0
●    Dimensions: 50mm X 30.5mm

External links and applications:
●    WIKI page
●    Arduino library