Solar Charge Controller 12/24V 30A 2x USB

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Solar Charge Controller manages the power going into the battery bank from the solar panels. It ensures that the batteries are not overcharged during the day, and that the power doesn’t run backwards to the solar panels overnight and drain the batteries. Use this charge controller in conjunction with solarpanels and a battery bank to store the power.


  • Rated Voltage: 12V 24V Auto
  • Current: 10A/20A/30A
  • With Timer and light sensor, it could work for solar light system.
  • Only For off-Grid PV Solar System.
  • For 10A 12V Pv System: 120W Solar Panel,12V Lead-acid Battery,21V for Max input Voltage
  • For 10A 24V Pv System: 240W Solar Panel,24V Lead-acid Battery,42V for Max input Voltage

Safety Instructions:

  1. Make sure your battery has enough voltage for the controller to recognize the battery type before first installation;
  2. The battery cable should be as short as possible to minimize loss;
  3. The regulator is only suitable for lead acid batteries: OPEN, AGM, GEL
it is not suited for nickel metal hydride, lithium ions or other batteries;
  4. The charge regulator is only suitable for regulating solar modules. Never connect another charging source to the charge regulator.


  • Built-in industrial micro controller;
  • One-key setting, digital display, auto memory function;
  • Fully 4-stage PWM charge management;
  • 4Built-in short-circuit protections, open-circuit protections, reverse protections, over-load protections;
  • 5Dual mosfet reverse current protections, low heat productions.

  1. Connect the Battery to the Charge Controller - Positive then Negative.
  2. Connect the Solar Panel to the Charge Controller - Positive then Negative.
  3. Connect the Load to the Charge Controller - Positive then Negative.