Soldering station 2in1 WEP 852D+ with Hotair 60W

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The station has built-in dual LED display informing you of a preset temperature of hot air and of the soldering iron. The device also has a power adjustment of Hotair flow. The flow of air through the compressor, which ensures long, trouble free operation, stability of power supply. WEP 852D+ fan has an antistatic design ESD Safe to protect the solder elements from damage. Wide application and low failure rate of the device gives it a leading position on the market of soldering station.

Hotair Soldering Iron:

  •     Adjustable temperature hot air from 100 °C to 480 °C
  •     LED display that indicates the temperature of the hot air
  •     Air flow up to 24 l/min
  •     Adjustable air supply with regulator
  •     System ESDSafe

Soldering Iron Tip-based:

  •     Temperature adjustmentot the tip from 100 °C to 480 °C
  •     Ground voltage <2mV
  •     Ground resistance <2ohm
  •     Soldering iron power 60 W

Soldering station WEP 852D+ fan
Stand for the tip-based iron along with a cleaning sponge
Stand for the hotair iron
Power cable
A gripper for lifting circuits
The user manual
Set of nozzle:
    Round nozzle with a diameter of 5 mm
    Round nozzle with a diameter of 7 mm
    Round nozzle with a diameter of 9 mm