SSR Keyes Relay module 2A 240VAC / 5VDC - 1 channel

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Keyes SSR 5VDC is a small-sized Arduino controlled semiconductor relay for smart control of low-current common electrical network devices such as solenoid valves, machine tools, etc.

Semiconductor relays (SSR Solid state relay) have no moving mechanical parts, so they are a lot less prone to breaking and are more reliable than conventional relays. They can also turn on and off faster, but often withstand less current and its surges due to the use of semiconductors such as transistors.

Technical data and features: 

  • 1-channel solid-state relay (SSR) with logic signal control
  • Small size
  • Logic signal voltage: 5V DC, suitable for Arduino and other similar microcontrollers
  • Controlled voltage and current: 100-240V AC, <2A
  • Can withstand large current surges, up to 30A
  • Fast on / off time: 1ms
  • Dimensions: 34 x 25 x 25 mm
  • Normally open and normally closed lines (NC normally closed, NO normally open)
  • Screw connections ensure strong contact
  • Doesn’t produce switching noise