Ultrasonic cleaner Jeken CE-6200A 1.4l 70W

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Ultrasonic cleaner for repair and maintenance of electronic components, cleans using ultrasound in remote places. The device has a capacity of 1400 ml, 70 W and has the ability to adjust the operation time.


  •     Power supply: from 220 V to 240 V / 50 Hz (network)
  •     Capacity: 70 W
  •     Ultrasound frequency: 42000 Hz
  •     Tank made of stainless steel
  •     Fuel tank capacity: 1.4 l
  •     Tank size: 175 x 145 x 70 mm
  •     LED display
  •     The ability to adjust the time of work
  •     Unit dimensions: 222 x 183 x 157 mm

  •     Maintenance of bearings, machinery and other items
  •     Remove residue from brass contacts
  •     Cleaning plastic
  •     Cleaning measuring devices and instruments
  •     Washing jewellery from the polishing paste
  •     Removal of residue
  •     Washing electronic parts
  •     Cleaning printed circuit boards (without removing parts)
  •     Cleaning precision mechanical and electronic components
  •     Washing glass after polishing or grinding
  •     Washing optical glass

Ultrasonic cleaner 1.4 l / 70 digital CE-6200A
Stand for cleaning CD, VCD, DVD
Basket for cleaned elements
The user manual