Weight Sensor 50kg

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Internal 1000 Ohm half-bridge strain gauge load cell, range is 50kg, half-bridge structure.

When measuring, the correct force is applied to the outer side of the strain E-shaped beam portion of the sensor (i.e., a strain gauge affixed to the middle, with a beam of white plastic cover arm) and the outside edges to form a shear force in the opposite direction, i.e., in the middle of strain beam bending necessary changes can occur under stress, strain beam side by another force can not have a barrier.

The sensor use the following three methods:

  • using a sensor with external resistors full bridge measurement range of a sensor range: 50kg. Higher requirements for external resistor
  • using only two full-bridge sensors measuring range is the range of the two sensors and: 50kg x 2 = 100kg
  • using four full-bridge sensors measuring range is the range of four sensors and: 50kg x 4 = 200kg

Size: 35 x 35mm