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Mixly Uno R3 Basic kit for visual programming
Arduino is a very popular platform since its being Open Source in terms of both software and hardware. More and more people want to learn Arduino programming. B..
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Arduino Zero to Hero Kit with an online course
Welcome to the world of electronics and programming! DFRobot proudly presents the Arduino Zero to Hero E-learning Kit which comes complete with an online course..
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Išmaniosios Grandinės su ARDUINO - Knyga lietuvių kalba
Arduino knyga skirta susipažinti su elektronikos pagrindais, bei Arduino programavimu. Knyga skirta savarankiškam mokymuisi...
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UNO Basic Starter Kit Upgraded
UNO Basic Starter Kit Upgraded
Anodas electronics
This is a upgrade version UNO R3 starter kit, add more components to achieve more features and experiment. You'll learn through building several creative projec..
42.00€ 35.00€
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UNO Basic Starter Kit
UNO Basic Starter Kit
Anodas electronics
This kit is designed to introduce the principles of electronics and programming. Thanks to the components in this set, you can create 5 projects from the book "..
16.90€ 15.00€
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Educational Electronics Kit - Smart Chains with ARDUINO
Introducing Electronics Collection "Smart Circuits with Arduino™". It contains everything you need to get acquainted with Arduino, electronics and programming. ..
69.00€ 60.00€
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Arduino uno starter kit
Overview The Starter Kit walks you through the basics of using the Arduino in a hands-on way. You'll learn through building several creative projects. The kit i..
89.00€ 85.00€
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Arduino Uno kit V1
The kit includes the basic board Arduino UNO R3 along with a set of elements introducing to the world of programmable electronic systems. Simple language and a ..
53.00€ 40.00€
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EcoDuino - An Auto Planting Kit
EcoDuino is evolving. Now the EcoDuino has a new enclosure. It is protected from water splashes, so it is safe to use beside your plants. The EcoDuino now spor..
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DFRobot Gravity StarterKit with DFRduino Uno
Gravity Arduino Starter kit is a plug&play electronics toolkit that provides Arduino beginners and makers with the easiest experience of learning and playi..
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SparkFun Inventor's Kit - v4.0 + book
The SparkFun Inventor’s Kit (SIK) is a great way to get started with programming and hardware interaction with the Arduino programming language. The SIK i..
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Gravity: Stater Kit for Ardublock
This Ardublock kit is a collection of DFRobot sensors and a DFRduino UNO. The combination of this kit along with the Ardublock software is a powerful learning ..
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DFRobot Intermediate Starter Kit
Starting with some simple LED projects and then moving on to more complicated projects using different modules and sensors, this kit aims to teach users about b..
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DFRobot Beginner Starter Kit
Welcome to the electronic interaction world!  DFRobot proudly presents the Arduino Beginner/Starter Kit for those who are interested in learnin..
74.50€ 69.00€
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Arduino Leonardo Starter Kit V1
The kit includes the basic board Arduino Leonardo along with a set of elements introducing to the world of programmable electronic systems. Simple language and ..
49.30€ 42.00€
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