Arduino Uno kit V1

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The kit includes the basic board Arduino UNO R3 along with a set of elements introducing to the world of programmable electronic systems. Simple language and a friendly environment of Arduino, allow to create programs even for novice users.

Kit contains:

  • Arduino Uno - original, the newest module with the Atmega328 microcontroller.
  • Breadboard 830 fields - a large plate with separate power lines to create electronic circuits.
  • A set of LEDs 5 mm (30 PCs) - 10 PCs. of red, green and yellow elements.
  • Diode RGB common anode - LED with four outputs capable of glowing in all colors.
  • A set of resistors (200 PCs) - 20 PCs. of the most popular values giving the possibility of e. g. connecting the LEDs.
  • Transistors BC547 NPN (5 pieces) - models of the semiconductor, allowing, in particular, to control the elements that consume more current than a single pin of microcontroller can provide.
  • The analog temperature sensor LM35 - a popular, user-friendly thermometer connected to the analog inputs of the Arduino.
  • Photoresistor - sensor for measuring the intensity of the incident light, allows, for example, to detect if the room is dark or light.
  • Button of tact-switch type - will serve as an element of SN-data to Arduino module.
  • Potentiometer 10k or 20k (5 PCs) - similar to buttons, they are connected to the analog outputs and can serve as a UI element - a simple knobs.
  • Shift register - it allows e. g. to manage a large number of diods, while saving the digital output of the Arduino.
  • The PCF8574 expansion module - allows you to increase the number of outputs of Arduino.
  • Buzzer with generator - powered by 5 volts, a simple sound signal generator.
  • Connection cables 65 PCs of male-male - can create connections on the contact washer and the contact between tile and Arduino.
  • USB cable A-B 1 m long - serves to connect the Arduino with the computer.
  • DHT11 sensor to measure temperature and humidity
  • LCD display 16x2 with soldered goldpin connectors - with blue backlight - popular alphanumeric display with available library for Arduino with soldered goldpin connectors.
  • The L293D motor driver - bridge H , which provides control of the direction and the rotational speed of two DC motors.
  • PIR Sensor - can detect movement.
  • HC-DR04 Distance sensor HC-SR04 - ultrasonic sensor operating in the range from 2 cm to 200 cm.
  • DC motor - a small, simple DC motor is supplied with the voltage from 3 V to 5 V
  • Plastic box.

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