Blebox - SwitchBoxD

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SwitchBox allows you to wirelessly turn on or off electric devices  powered by network voltage of 230V and up to 3kW of power. You can control the load via mobile devices and personal computers from any location in the world.


for our peace we can control the device status at any time and from every place. You don’t need to come back home to check if we turn­off the iron or switch­off the light. Everything is in our hands.

Presence simulation

we can control lighting home or garden even when we are not there, from every place in the world and thus stop worrying about the safety of our home during our holiday. 


The device not only controls the lighting of the house, but also any device that is connected to the power socket.


thanks to its small size can be installed in virtually every electrical box and control lighting and other devices from every place.

Set actions

thanks to communication between different blebox devices in the home, we can set actions which allows us to control other devices via the switchbox that is within the electrical switch box. For example: press once the switch to turn on / off the lights, press twice to open / close the blinds.

Connecting SwitchBox with virtually all electrical devices, allows to switch on / off as well as check the status of the controlled devices (on / off).

The wBox devices (with µWiFi technology) can communicate with each other allowing switchBox to control other devices, e.g. shutterBox. You can easily configure the device and by pressing one push-button (where is located the switchbox) close the roller shutters of your house.