Cytron Robot Combat Controller URC10 ATmega328P

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The URC10 is an analogue of Arduino UNO, developed specifically for educational sumo robot projects. The URC10 combines the capabilities of the Arduino UNO, two 10 Ampere motor controllers in one board, which allows you to control a robot with a weight of up to 3kg and more convenient connections for sensors. The microcontroller is similar to the popular Arduino UNO - it has the same number of connections, so projects created for the UNO microcontroller can be easily transferred to this microcontroller. LED lights and built-in buttons allow quick and easy testing of motors and code.

Note: The microcontroller does not have reverse polarity protection

Technical data:
● Microprocessor: Atmega328
● Operating frequency: 16 MHz
● Motor voltage: 8-25V DC
● Motor current: 10-30A for each of the 2 channels
● Buttons for quick engine testing without a code
● Supply voltage: 5V DC (via micro USB or ICSP)
● Number of analog signal connections: 6 (input only)
● Number of digital signal connections: 20 (6 of them PWM)
● Dimensions: 76 x 100 mm

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