DFRobot Spider Robot Kit

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Owning a spiderman is a colorful dream in everyone’s childhood. Here is the cute DIY Spider Robot making your dreams come true. With the DIY Spider Robot, you can design and manufacture a robotic creature as your wish and under your control!
Battery(1.2V) is included. Turn on the switch, you’ll find the little robotic creature is full of energy! The vivid DIY robotic spider with eight multi-jointed legs accurately duplicate the walking movement of real spider.
There are two assembly choices for you to change the stride length and gait of the spider.
Want the Spider Robot to become smarter and more powerful? Now it’s your turn to be its master and DIY! Afterwards, your robotic spider can automatically avoid barriers, remote controlled or become the top shooter.

You may need:
•    Romeo BLE Mini (DFR0351)
•    Sharp GP2Y0A21 Distance Sensor (10-80cm)  (SEN0014)
•    Another Spider Robot! (A robot has only one motor, so you will need two in all )
•    Full-range remote control with 2 bands
•    Toy gun shooter
DIY Spider Robot gives you a great chance to learn about robotic science, regardless of your age. You'll never run out of ways to have fun as a child with the Spider.
Children also can experience the joyance and achievement with the assembly, which can help to cultivate their innovation and intelligence.
Wow, can’t wait to see your great works!


•    Attractive color
•    Package size:18*24*6cm (7.09*9.45*2.36")
•    Two assembly choices for you to change the stride length and gait of the spider
•    The robotic creature designed by yourself
•    Operating voltage 1.5V Operating Current 180mA
•    Drive motor 130RPM 11000r/min (per motor)


•    Gear box    x1
•    Switch      x1
•    Terminal A  x1
•    Terminal B  x1
•    Rubber tube x1
•    Plastic Part A   x1
•    Plastic Part B   x1
•    Plastic Part C   x2