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The Arduino Due is the first Arduino microcontroller to use a 32-bit microprocessor. The unique feature of Due is that it has 2 analog output connectors. It differs from the usual Arduino Uno in other parameters: more powerful processor, more memory to store and run programs, 4 UART connections, many more input and output (I / O) connections - as many as 68, 12 of them are analog inputs. you no longer have to worry about too few connections when you connect a 3D printer or project with multiple sensors. If you want to create a complex project, this microcontroller is just for you. The larger number of UART connections allows you to read the Serial COM of the Arduino IDE console when communicating with other UART devices, which is not possible with the standard UNO model.

Note: Proper use of 3.3 V logic signals by entering higher voltage (eg 5 V) logic signals can damage the board.

Technical data:
● Microprocessor: SAM3X8E
● Supply voltage: 7-12 V through permanent connection (maximum range 6-16 V)
● Logic signal voltage: 3.3 V DC
● Processor frequency: 84 MHz
● Number of analog signal output connections: 2
● Number of analog signal input connections: 12
● Number of digital signal connections: 68 (including 12 PWM)
● Total current supplied by the output terminals: <130 mA
● Permissible 3.3 V connection current: 800 mA
● Permissible 5 V connection current: 800mA
● Dimensions: 101 x 53 mm
● Weight: 36g

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