GPS Navigation Module VK-162 With USB

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VK-162 GPS module supporting Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi, Google Earth and other systems. It has everything you need: an antenna, integrated memory for data storage, a wide operating temperature, an accurate industrial-grade position tracking module, a storage magnet and a battery for information storage.

Technical specs. and features:
●    Antenna installed
●    2m long cable
●    Signal sensitivity: -160dBm
●    Measurement frequency: 1-10Hz
●    Accurate industry level position tracking module
●    Storage magnet
●    Battery installed
●    It has an integrated memory for data storage
●    Supports: WAAS / EGNOS, GPS + GLONASS (default), GPS + beidou, GLONASS + beidou
●    Supply voltage: 3.3-5V DC
●    Operating temperature: - 40 ℃ to + 85 ℃
●    Position accuracy: <2.5m, <2m
●    Timer accuracy: 30ns
●    Maximum altitude: 50000m
●    Acceleration: up to 4g
●    Supports Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi, Google Earth, Stratux and other systems.
●    Size: 38 * 49 * 16mm

Note: drivers must be installed before use

External links and applications:
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●    Map creation
●    Agriculture