JDY-08 CC2540 CC2541BLE 4.0 Bluetooth module

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JDY-08 CC2540 CC2541BLE 4.0 Bluetooth communication module for controlling smart projects using Bluetooth communication. The manufacturer has implemented many features: from standard Bluetooth module capabilities to programmable input / output pins and sensor reading.

Technical specs. and features:
  • Possibility to update the software
  • Standby current only 300uA
  • Operating distance up to 80m
  • Suitable for Apple (iBeacon) and Android (SPP) devices
  • Sensor reading mode: the module reads the readings of the sensors connected to it
  • Can act as a signal controller and listener (Master / slave mode)
  • The connectors support the PWM signal
  • Programmable input / output connectors
  • RTC mode with alarm
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