Mega Multi IO Shield for Arduino Mega / DUE

Brand: Dfrobot
Product Code: DFR-07183
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Planned delivery date after ordering: 2021-09-23
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Want to use Arduino Uno shields for your Arduino Mega project without any compactability problems? This is what the Arduino Mega DFRobot Multi IO shield is for. It allows you to take advantage of all the Arduino Mega pins for the shields without having to worry about mismatched Mega and Uno pins. The mega shield can accommodate up to 4 Uno shields, and allows them to be placed side by side, making projects look tidier and pins much easier to access. No soldering is required.

Technical specs:
●    Suitable for: Arduino Mega, ADK, DUE and other similar microcontrollers
●    Supports 4 Uno shields simultaneously
●    Size: 14.4 x 13 cm
External links and applications:

●    WIKI page
●    Pinout