nRF24L01+ 2.4 Ghz Wireless Transceiver Module

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The nRF24L01 + is a radio communication module for the 2.4 GHz ISM band. ISM (Industrial, Scientific, and Medical) are radio frequencies for industrial, scientific, and medical use, so you will often find them in projects from these areas. They are open access, so you don’t need to buy a license for them.
The transmitter / receiver itself also has many built-in additional features that make it suitable for both simple and advanced projects: signal distance of up to 250m, making it particularly suitable for long distance communication, while other components automatically perform the required signal filtering.

Technical specs. and features:

●    Operates in the 2,4GHz ISM radio wave range
●    Transmission power: up to +7dB
●    Antenna sensitivity: -90dBm
●    Receive 6 channels simultaneously
●    Transmission distance: up to 250m
●    Up to 125 channels
●    Up to 2Mb upload speed
●    Automatic signal transmission and correction
●    Logic signal voltage: 3,3V, also supports 5V, making it suitable for Arduino
●    Control interface: SPI and others, making it perfect for Arduino
●    Operating temperature: -45 - 85 ° C
●    Dimensions: only 45.54mm x 16.46mm
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