Pololu 120:1 Mini Plastic Gearmotor HP Offset 3mm D-Shaft Output Extended Motor Shaft

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This compact, inexpensive plastic gearmotor (high-power brushed DC motor with a 120:1 reduction gearbox) is well suited for use in small robots. While intended for operation at 4.5 V, it should run comfortably in the 3 V to 6 V range. The gearbox has a 9.7mm-long, 3 mm-diameter D-shaped output shaft that is offset from but parallel to the motor shaft, and a built-in safety clutch helps protect the gears from excessive loads. This version also has a 5×1.5 mm extended motor shaft.


  • Size: 36,5 x 20 x 27,4 mm
  • Weight: 19g
  • Shaft diameter: 3mm
  • Shaft type: offset 3mm D
  • Typical operating voltage: 4,5V
  • Gear ratio: 120:1
  • No-load speed @ 4.5V: 150 rpm
  • No-load current @ 4.5V: 130mA
  • Stall current @ 4.5V: 1250mA
  • Stall torque @ 4.5V: 25 oz

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