Reed contact 7.62mm 3W 5.1x15.24mm 0.25A

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The 59020 Firecracker Reed Sensor is a miniature cylindrical reed sensor 15.24mm x 5.10mm (0.600” x 0.201”) with a normally open contact. It is capable of switching up to 170Vdc at 10W. Hermetically sealed, magnetically

operated contacts continue to operate long after optical and other technologies fail due to contamination, quick and easy to install, no standby power requirement, operates through non-ferrous materials such as wood, plastic or 



  • Range 7.62mm
  • Switching capacity 3W
  • Body dimensions Ø5.1x15.24mm
  • Connection lead 0,3m
  • Contacts configuration SPST-NO
  • Switched current 0.25A
  • Operating temperature -40...105°C
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  • Switched voltage max. 100V