Robot Arm Dobot Magician - Basic Plan

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Extremely easy to use, ready to use just after taking it out of the box, the robot arm with load capacity up to 0.5 kg. The device can be controlled i.a. with USB or wirelessly via Bluetooth, for example, using smartphone and apps. Through the simple mechanism of replacing tips, the robot can perform many functions, such as drawing, engraving with laser (tool available in the advanced set)or to move objects.

The contents of the set

Included, in addition to the arm, are also modules and additional tools. Their list is in the table below. The subject of sale is the basic set, in our offer you will find also the extended set which includes all the tools.

L. p. Name






1 The arm of the robot x x  
2 Suction nozzle x x x
3 Gripper x x x
4 Drawing set x x x
5 Kit for 3D printing x x x
6 The Bluetooth Module   x x
7 Tip with laser   x x
8 Wi-Fi Module   x x
9 Joystick   x x



Arm Dobot Magician can be controlled in various ways. The manufacturer has equipped the device, i.a. in:

  • Bluetooth Interface - for wireless communication, such as a phone or other BT module.
  • The wi-fi module - allows you to communicate via the Internet, is not included in the kit, is available in the advanced package or sold separately.
  • USB port - for connection to a computer for programming movements, for example, in the form of blocks or in C, C++, C#, Python or Java using a specialized API.
  • The joystick - provides manual control of the arm - it is available only in the advanced package or sold separately.
  • The manufacturer declare also the ability to control using voice commands or even brain waves, in case of creating appropriate software with additional modules.


The function of Handhold teaching

You can register the moves and then repeat them over the shoulder Dobot. This function allows to control in a very simple and quick way.


Replaceable tools

Through the use of a simple mechanism, instruments installed at the end of the robot are very easy to replace. The shoulder can be a 3D printer and a moment later it can draw pictures with a marker or cut openings using a laser (tip available in advanced kit). Check what tools you will find in the kit!



Dobot Studio allows you to control, configure and change the parameters of the arm without creating any code.




The function of drawing and engraving

Dobot Magician can create images with a pen on paper. Supports file formats: BMP, SVG, DXF, works with an accuracy of 0.2 mm. Tip can be replaced with the laser, then the robot will gain the opportunity of engraving, e.g. in wood or leather.


Additional ports

The arm has 13 additional ports for connecting the modules, for example, module of speech recognition, buttons, or analog sensor. One programmable button and an integrated 2 MB of memory for commands make the using of robot very convenient.

USB communication and programming

The USB port provides communication via serial interface with the environment for developers Robot Blocky. The user may also create software in C++, C#, Java or Python.


Technical information

Number of axes 4
Load capacity 500 g
Maximum reach 320 mm
Positioning accuracy +/- 0.1 mm


Wi-fi (only in the advanced kit)


Power supply (included)

from 100 V to 240 V

V 50 / 60 Hz

Robot's power

12 VDC / 7 A

Power consumption

to 60 W

Operating temperature

from 10 °C to 60 °C


The movement of axis
Axis Range

Maximum speed

with load up to 250 g

1. Basic rotation from -135 ° to 135 ° 320 °/sec
2. The rear part of the arm from 0 ° to 85 ° 320 °/sec
3. The front part of the arm from 10 ° to 95 ° 320 °/sec
4. Twist of the grip from +90 ° to -90 °

480 °/sec


Weight 4 kg
The dimensions of the base 158 x 158 mm
Materials Aluminum 6061, ABS, plastic
Mount for placing on a table, countertop
Case dimensions 307 x 224 x 330 mm



DobotStudio, Repetier Host

GrblController3.6, Graphic programming

Creating Software

Protocol communication USB - UART

Libraries of DOBOT

Interfaces of I/O expansion

10 x I/O with function PWM and analog input

4 x power supply output 12 V

UART interface


2x Stepper


Tools ultimate
3D printing

Size: 150 x 150 x 150 mm

Material: PLA

Resolution: 0.1 mm


Power: 500 MW

Type: 405 nm (blue)

Power Supply: 12 V

Holder of marker The marker diameter: 10 mm
Suction mount

Diameter: 20 mm

Pressure: -30 kPa


Type: pneumatic

Range: 40 mm

Force: 8 N


Dobot at the Volkswagen factory