Smart Tank Chassis SN6300

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The product can support the UNO control board and driver board, plus the DT-06 WiFi transparent transmission module, to realize the movement of the car through the mobile APP.


  • Product Type: T101
  • Product Size: 19.3 * 16.3 * 6cm (L * W * H)
  • Product weight: 0.58kg
  • Panel material: 2mm aluminum
  • Surface treatment: sandblasting oxidation
  • Track: Engineering Plastics
  • Wheels material: Plastic

About 33 Motor:

  • Voltage range: 6V-12V
  • No-load speed: 170-350RPM
  • Rated voltage: DC12V
  • No-load current: 100mA

Package Included:

1 x Panel, 2 x Motor, 2 x Track, 2 x Plastic bearing wheel, 2 x Plastic drive wheel, 1 x Screw Accessories.

Download Introduction: download