Soldering station 2in1 WEP 872D with Hotair 700W

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Tip-based soldering iron and hot air iton in one. Full power of 700 watts, has continuous temperature control and two LED displays. The station has a PID temperature controller. The air flow is realized via the compressor. Station 872D include advanced automatic cooling, i.e. after the work the hot air heater cools down to a safe temperature, it is an effective method that prolongs the service life of the heating element. The station has durable metal casing. The flow of air through the compressor, thanks to this we can achieve long-term, trouble-free operation, and the stability of the power supply.


  •     Supply voltage : 230 V / 50 Hz (network)
  •     Power: 700 W
  •     Fan type: pump with helical membrane pump
  •     Compressor capacity: max 24l/min
  •     Range of temperature control:
  •         Continuously adjustable temperature of hot air in the range from 100 °C to 480 °C
  •         Temperature stability: +/-1°C
  •         Smooth adjustment of temperature of the tip-based iron in the range from 100 °C do480 °C
  •         Temperature stability of iron: +/-2°C
  •     Adjustment power blower
  •     LED temperature display of hot air
  •     LED temperature display of tip
  •     Handle length: 100 cm
  •     The ground resistance of a soldering iron: below 2 Ohms
  •     The potential grounding of a soldering iron: under 2mV

Included in WEP 872D:
    Soldering station WEP 872D
    Stand for hotair iron
    Stand for tip-based iton along with a sponge to clean the soldering tip
    Solering iron
    Nozzles hotair:
    Nozzle with a diameter of 4,4 mm model 1130
    Nozzle diameter: 8 mm model 1195
    Nozzle diameter 9 mm model 1197
    Power cable