Soldering station ZD-8917B 180W - 2 irons

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Reliable and durable soldering and desoldering station made from high quality elements. The device has 2 independent microprocessors to control the soldering iron and the desoldering iron. The device has a smooth regulation of the temperature. It allows for soldering and desoldering elements of electronic circuits without the risk of damage.


  •     Compact appearance
  •     Simple controls
  •     Short heating time and high power
  •     Built-in sensor which provides smooth control of temperature and maintains it at a constant level
  •     Replaceable soldering tips
  •     LCD display (displays temperature set and current temperature)

Main unit:

  •     Supply 220 V - 240 V
  •     Power consumption: 180
  •     Fuse: 3.15 A
  •     LCD display

Soldering iron:

  •     Power supply: 24 V AC
  •     Power: 60 W (during heating At 130)
  •     Temperature: from 160 to 480 °C
  •     Heating element: ceramic

Desoldering iron:

  •     Power Supply: 220 V - 240 V
  •     Power consumption: 90 W (during heating At 130)
  •     Pump power: 600 mm Hg. St
  •     Temperature: from 160 to 480 °C
  •     Heating element: ceramic


Station ZD-8917B
Desoldering iron with installed tip
2 tips for desoldering iron
Spare filters
3 cleaners for different thickness of the tips
Nozzle connects station with iron
The holder for desoldering iron
The soldering iron with a tip
Soldering iron stand
Power cable