TEC1-12706 5A 12V 60W 40x40x3.5mm Peltier Module

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Its work is characterized by side refrigeration and side fever.
Hot and cold on both sides of the temperature difference of 68 degrees
Connected to the 12-volt power supply cooling piece on both sides there will be difference in temperature, side cold side of the heat, do not long power cooler radiator, otherwise it will cause cooler internal overheating and burning.


Model: TEC1-12706
Size: 40mm x 40mm
Operates from 0~15.2V and 0~6A
Operates Temperature: -30C to 70C
Max power consumption: 60W
These devices must be used in conjunction with a heat sink to avoid burned
Each device is full inspected and tested
Fitted with 6-inch insulated leads