W5100 Ethernet shield

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The W5100 is an Ethernet connector for the Arduino. It allows you to connect your Arduino to the internet in just a few simple steps. No soldering is required to use this appendix.

Technical specs. and features:
●    Suitable for: Arduino UNO, Mega and other similar microcontrollers
●    Supports the official Arduino Ethernet control code library at the bottom of the link
●    Has an SD card slot
●    Chip: W5100
●    Operating voltage: 5V DC
●    Logic signal voltage: 3.3-5V
●    Connection speed: 10 / 100Mb.
●    16Kb internal memory.
●    Installed LED indicators, each of which performs its function:
○    PWR: Indicates that the board and set-top box are turned on and powered on.
○    LINK: Indicates the status of the connection on the network and flashes when the extension receives or sends information.
○    FULLD: Indicates when the Internet connection is fully functional two-way.
○    100M: Indicates when the Internet connection reaches 100 Mbps (as opposed to 10 Mbps).
○    RX: Lights up when the extension receives information.
○    TX: Lights up when the set-top box sends information.
○    COLL: Lights up when a communication crossing is observed.

External links and applications:
●    Home theater control
●    Webcam control
●    Ethernet library and usage example