Arduino Leonardo Starter Kit V1

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The kit includes the basic board Arduino Leonardo along with a set of elements introducing to the world of programmable electronic systems. Simple language and a friendly environment of Arduino, allow to create programs even for novice users.

Kit contains:

  • Arduino Leonardo - original, new module with microcontroller Atmega32u4.
  • Breadboard 830 fields - a large plate with separate supply lines, allowing you to create layouts.
  • A set of LEDs 5 mm (30 PCs) - 10 PCs. red, green and yellow elements.
  • Led RGB common anode - LED with four I/O which is able to glow in all colors.
  • A set of resistors (200 PCs) - 20 PCs.of the most popular values, allowing to, for example, connect the LEDs.
  • Infrared LED LIRED5C 850 nm - transmitter that is used to emit an invisible signal in the infrared range.
  • IR receiver TSOP2236 36 kHz - IR receiver working at a frequency of 36 kHz, allows decoding RC5 code used in the remote controllers.
  • Photoresistor - sensor for measuring the intensity of the incident light, allows, for example, to detect if the room is dark or light.
  • NPN transistor BC547 (5 PCs) - systems of the semiconductor, allowing, in particular, to control the elements that consume higher current than can provide a single pin of the microcontroller.
  • Rotary potentiometer 10k linear - similar to buttons, connected to analog I/O can serve as a user interface element - simple knob.
  • Mosfet N-type IRL540N THT - unipolar transistor with high current of drain allows you to control devices with higher power consumption.
  • The digital temperature sensor DS18B20 - popular, easy to use thermometer, connected through the 1-wire bus.
  • Button of tact-switch type - will serve as an element which introduces data in module Arduino.
  • Sliding registry - you can, for example, manage larger number of LEDs, thus saving the digital I/O of the Arduino.
  • The PCF8574 expander - allows you to increase the number of I/O of Arduino.
  • Buzzer with generator -powered by 5 volts, a simple sound signal generator.
  • LCD display 16x2 - popular alphanumeric display with available library for Arduino with soldered goldpin connectors.
  • Connecting wires 65 pcs male-male - can create connections on the breadboard andbetween the board and Arduino.
  • MicroUsb cable A-B with a length of 1 meter.
  • Organiser to facilitate moving the set.