Electric Linear Actuator Seria NLAD 500N 15mm/s 12V - cylinder movement 20cm

Brand: Elektrobim
Product Code: ELB-15472
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Planned delivery date after ordering: 2021-01-28
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The NLAD series drive has been developed for users who value efficient drive performance and versatility in the first place. It has been designed and manufactured very responsibly using quality materials. The drive is designed for long, continuous operation. The 12V LAD drive is easy to use, so it will not cause problems even for less experienced automation users. In addition, the rear drive mounting allows for convenient installation in a variety of conditions. Control is done with buttons or relays, and the direction is changed by changing the polarity.


    • Cylinder stroke: 200mm
    • Motor lenght L: 311mm
    • Motor voltage 12 VDC
    • Current: 2A
    • Strength: 500N
    • Expansion speed 15 mm / s
    • Weight ~ 1.25 kg
    • Temperature range: -26 ° C ~ + 65 ° C
    • IP65


    • Quiet and stable
    • High quality
    • Comfortable housing

    Usage possibilities

    • Applications
    • Door operation
    • Trunk operation
    • Boats
    • Farm machinery
    • Rooftop window operation